How you can get involved

The guidelines, tools and examples we have posted on this website have come from more than 35 researchers from 15 organisations and 13 European countries. You can help us build up the INTERLINKS Framework for Long-term Care by:

  • identifying missing key issues; and/or
  • giving feedback on our examples; and/or
  • sending your own examples.

Missing key issues

As you work through the Framework, you might notice that some key issues are missing. If you do, please let us know at We’ll take your suggestions on board and consider them for the next version.

Or, if you are a registered member, you can leave a public comment. Sign in and go to The Framework For Long-term Care. Scroll down the page and click on Add new comment.


At the end of each practice example, we invite you to provide feedback on its relevance and usefulness, and tell us if you know of any similar examples in your country.

Your examples

You might want to add your own example to illustrate our key-issues, and we welcome this. To make your example known to a broader public, please find below, how to proceed:

  • Create a new account, go to submission of abstracts, fill in your name and e-mail address to sign up, the title, country and status information of your example, and choose a theme, sub-theme and one or several key-issue(s) that are addressed by your example. You can do this by clicking at the relevant boxes - please note: you can only choose key-issues from one sub-theme at a time (please choose the most pertinent ones).
  • You can use the same form to write an abstract of no more than 200 words on the following aspects: Where is the example taking place (local, region, country)? In what settings (e.g. individual organisation, across organisations, whole system)? Why was the example developed? What is the key message of this example in relation to the subtheme/key issue(s) and in relation to users/carers and/or professionals? What does the reader know after reading this example? What is the main demonstrated or potential impact?
  • Once you have filled in your form, please click on ‘submit’ and we’ll let you know within 10 working days, whether your example was accepted for further elaboration. You’ll then be provided with a username and password and be invited to give a full description and analysis of your example by filling in the different categories of the INTERLINKS template.
  • You will find a link to your editable template in your user profile, which is available via the menu item "My account" after logging in. You can save your work by pressing "Save" and continue working anytime.
  • Once you have finished your description and impact analysis please check the box titled "Submit for Review" before saving your example. We’ll then find at least one reviewer who’ll provide feedback within 20 working days by E-mail. You might be asked for final changes or clarifications before your example will be published on the website.

Thank you for helping us build the INTERLINKS Framework for LTC.